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Outlines of Sections:

  • Getting Paid
  • Bonuses 
  • Insurance
  • Uniform, Gear and Coaching Station
  • Exclusivity 
  • Profile page and videos
  • Emergency Protocols


  1. How much do I get paid for lessons?
  2. How do Payouts work? 
  3. What is the pay period?
  4. When are payouts dispersed?
  5. Weekly Payout Breakdown Email

  1. How much do I get paid for lessons?

Your starting depends on your coaching and playing experience. Coaches are paid based on the lesson type. 

Our Coaches start at a base pay of the following: 

  • $35 per individual lesson
  • $45 per two player lesson
  • $55 per small group lesson

We offer bonuses and pay raises based on milestones achieved.

  1. How do Payouts work?

We utilize Stripe Connect to distribute your automatic weekly lesson payouts.

You can login to your Stripe account with your email and the text verification code that you receive from Stripe. 

  1. When is the pay period?

The pay period goes from Monday to Sunday.

  1. When are payouts dispersed?

Payouts are dispersed every Monday for the lessons completed in the previous work. 

Payouts will hit your account every Wednesday.

Note: Your very first payout will take 7-10 business days to hit your account.

You can easily track your weekly payouts through your Stripe account, as well as your weekly email. 

  1. Weekly Payout Breakdown Email

Every Monday, you will receive an email with the following: 

Full lesson summary of all lessons completed during the given pay period including:

  • Client name
  • Type of lesson
  • Date and time of lesson
  • Payout amount for lesson
  • Amount of lessons completed that week
  • Amount of lessons completed that month
  • Total lessons completed

Reminders to update availability calendars for: 

  • week by week availability
  • seasonal daylight updates
  • holidays half days, and days off school (open your schedule to get more lessons on these days)
  • camps (opportunities to coach at camps)
  • weather (if heavy rain is forecasted, adjust accordingly)

Other Weekly Reminders Including: 

  • Seasonal bonus competitions
  • Company meetings & events
  • And more


  1. How do bonuses work?

*Bonus structure listed in MADE Business model


  1. Am I insured during my lessons
  2. Where is the insurance policy located for me to reference?
  3. Do I have to pay for the insurance?

  1. Am I insured during my lessons?

You are insured and your clients are also insured. 

  1. Where is the insurance policy located for me to reference?

  1. Do I have to pay for the insurance?

No, insurance is included with being a MADE Baseball Coach. 


  1. Do I need to have my own gear?
  2. What is the required training gear needed to be a MADE Baseball Coach?
  3. What is the MADE Baseball Coach’s uniform?

  1. Do I need to have my own gear?

Yes. Just like a professional carpenter needs to have his own tools, you need to have your own training gear to be a coach with MADE Baseball. 

  1. What is the required training gear needed to be a MADE Baseball Coach?

  • Bownet
  • Bases
  • Hitting Tee
  • Bucket of Baseballs (at least 24)
  • Small bucket of soft baseballs (at least 12)
  • Tennis balls (at least 12)
  • Speed Ladder
  • Glove 
  • Bat/Fungo
  • First aid kit

  1. What is the MADE Baseball Coach’s uniform?

As a coach, you will have the following:

  • 1 MADE Hat
  • 1 Red MADE Baseball Coach Shirt
  • 1 Black MADE Baseball Coach Shirt
  • 1 pair Black MADE mesh shorts

You are responsible for the following:

  • 1 pair red or black turf shoes (New Balance preferred)
  • 1 pair of baseball sunglasses
  • 1 pair black socks
  • 1 black wrist watch



What if a client asks me to do a lesson outside of the MADE Baseball platform?

If a client asks you to do a lesson outside of the MADE Baseball platform, it is your responsibility to politely let them know that all lessons must be scheduled through the MADE Baseball website.

We work hard and invest our time and efforts to provide you with consistent baseball lessons and we rely on you to be an ambassador of the MADE Baseball brand.

If it comes to light that you have done lessons outside of MADE Baseball, you will asked to part ways from our coaching staff. 

What if someone comes up to me at the park I’m coaching at and asks me about doing a lesson?

If someone approaches you about baseball training after a MADE Baseball, you have a great opportunity to make a bonus for bringing on a new client! Give your prospect your business card and let them know that they can receive 10% off their first lesson package by using your promo code! 

Am I allowed to do any private lessons outside of MADE Baseball? 

No. If you are on our coaching staff, all lessons you provide must be done through MADE Baseball. 

Why is this the policy?

The reason we do not allow you to provide private lessons outside of our platform is because it is against our non compete agreement.

Am I able to update my own profile?

No, if you would like to have your profile updated or any photos added to it, reach out to your coaching coordinator with the requested changes and they will do it for you.


  1. How much will I need to communicate with clients?
  2. What types of clients will I work with?
  3. What are some of the questions I can expect to be asked?

  1. How much will I need to communicate with clients?

  1. What types of clients will I work with?

  1. What are some of the questions I can expect to be asked?

  • Can I book lessons with you outside of MADE Baseball?
  • Can you do a lesson at my house?
  • Can you do a lesson at a different park?
  • What size bat should my child use?
  • What kind of glove and/or bat should I get for my child?

Working with Acuity Scheduling App

*Updating your availability

*Rescheduling lessons an hour ahead or behind to sandwich

*Updating lesson notes

*Reading lesson notes from previous lesson



Section outline:

  1. Scheduling, Payments, and Account
  2. Refunds
  3. Pricing
  4. Lesson Types
  5. Coaches and locations 
  6. MADE Guarantee
  7. Services (coaching clinics, camps)
  8. Trust and safety 
  9. Sales and promotions
  10. General Questions 
  11. Miscellaneous
  12. About MADE Baseball
  13. COVID


Do you offer softball lessons? 

Yes! If you or your player plays softball and would like to do a lesson with one of our coaches, simply let us know that you play softball. Our coaches are fully equipped to help you with all aspects of your softball game other than pitching.

Can I add a player to my lesson? 

No, if you would like to do a two player lesson, you must sign up for a two player lesson when booking. 

Can I do a small group lesson for players over the age of 13? 

Yes. Generally, we reserve the small group lessons for players ages 12 and under, but we do offer adult small groups when possible. 

If you would like to organize a small group lesson and your players are over the age of 12, reach out to our front office.

Do your coaches coach private team practices? 

If you would like to have one of our coaches help out at your team practice, email us or call us at 1-877-MADE-888. 

*To book a MADE Baseball Coach for your team practices you must commit to a minimum of 5 practices and have a field permit. Prices vary dependent on location and number of players.

Can I create an account?

Yes. Please create an account if you have not already done so by clicking here and then clicking the blue "Register for an Account" button. 

All scheduling, rescheduling, and cancelling of lessons must be done on your own through our on-line scheduling system. Also, you can bypass the input forms when scheduling future lessons as they will pre-filled with your previous answers.

Can I buy a package of lessons?

Yes. We offer discounted packages of 5 or 10 lessons. See our lesson package pricing page for details.

If I need to reschedule, can I just reach out to my coach?

Out of respect our coach's time as well as to avoid the back-n-forth texting, we ask that you always reschedule lessons on your own within our on-line scheduling system.

Every MADE Baseball Coach is required to keep their availability accurate and up-to-date, so if you need to reschedule a lesson and you are within the 24 hour rescheduling limit, you can conveniently reschedule your lesson for another time slot on your coach's calendar through your account.

If your coach’s calendar show that they have no available times, you may be able to check back. When clients reschedule or cancel, the slot will open back up automatically. 

How far in advance can I book lessons?

Lessons can be booked up to 90 days in advance.

How do I pay for my baseball lessons?

All lessons are paid for and scheduled through our on line scheduling system. 

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my lesson?

All rescheduling and canceling of lessons can be done through our online scheduling system. In order to create an account, you must click the “Register for an Account” button after booking your first lesson. 

Note: Our cancelation policy requires all rescheduling and canceling of lessons to be done at least 24 hours in advance or will be charged at full price.

How do create an account with MADE Baseball?

In order to create an account, you must click the “Register for an Account” button after booking your first lesson. 

With an account you can do the following:

  • See a summary of all previous and future lessons scheduled
  • See how many lessons you have remaining on a lesson package
  • Easily reschedule and cancel any upcoming lessons
  • Avoid filling in the client form each time you schedule(it will be pre-filled when you are logged in)

What happens if I am late to a lesson?

Your lesson starts and ends promptly at your scheduled time. If you are late, you will miss out on lesson time. Your coach will not generally be able to provide extra time for you on the back end of lesson. 

What happens if my child gets sick?

We understand that things happen and we always do our best to be understanding of situations of our clients, but please be aware that our 24 cancelation policy is in effect and if your child gets sick on the day of your lesson you will be charged for the lesson if he or she is unable to attend.

What happens my coach cancels our lesson?

Your coach will never cancel a lesson unless there is an extreme emergency (ie: sickness or injury that prevents him from performing the lesson, family emergency, etc). 

If there is a last minute cancelation by your coach, we will credit your lesson back to your account. 

What happens if it rains or the air quality is too bad for a scheduled lesson?

Again, safety is always our policy and number 1 priority when deciding whether or not to perform a lesson. If the weather is too severe to have the lesson, your coach will reach out to you to let you know. If the lesson is cancelled, it will go back on your account to be used later.



What is your refund policy?

If you have purchased a single lesson and have changed your mind, let us know and we will be happy to refund your money, less the credit card processing fee of 2.9% + .30c, as long as the refund request is at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson.

What is the refund policy for lessons packages?

If you have purchased a package and would like a refund on your remaining lessons, you can request a refund so long as you are still within the 1 year expiration date of your package purchase. Please send us an email at or call us at 1-877-MADE-888 and let us know.

What is the refund policy for camps?

The refund policy for camp packages is the same as lesson packages.

What is the refund policy for the MADE Baseball shop?

We do not provide refunds for anything purchased from the MADE Baseball shop.



How much do private baseball lessons cost? 


Lesson Type




Two Player

Two Player

Two Player

Small Group

Small Group

Small Group

Package Type

3 Pack

6 pack

12 pack

3 pack

6 pack

12 pack

3 pack

6 pack

12 pack

Rising Star Coach










Price Per Lesson

$90 each

$80 each

$70 each

$120 each

$110 each

$100 each

$140 each

$130 each

$120 each

Veteran Coach










Price Per Lesson

$105 each

$95 each

$85 each

$1355 each

$125 5each

$1155 each

$155 each

$145 each

$135 each

Expert Coach










Price Per Lesson

$120 each

$110 each

$100 each

$150 each

$14040 each

$130 30each

$170 each

$160 each

$150 each

What fields/locations do you have coaches at?

We have coaches providing private baseball lessons through out Los Angeles in the following areas:

  • Santa Monica
  • Cheviot Hills
  • Brentwood
  • Encino
  • Long Beach
  • Whittier
  • Glendale
  • Pasadena
  • La Brea

Locations coming soon:

  • Sherman Oaks
  • Burbank
  • West Hills
  • North Hills
  • Torrance
  • Manhattan Beach

What level of players do you work with?

We work with players of all ages, skill levels, backgrounds, goal sets, and desire to progress in the game. 

Whether you are just learning the basics as a beginner or you want to refine your routines and work on your mechanics as an advanced player, our professional coaches have the know skills, experience, patience, and know how to help you reach your goals. 

What types of baseball lessons do you provide?

  • Individual Lessons
  • Two Player Lessons
  • Small Group Lessons
  • Adult Lessons
  • T-Baller Lessons

What is the best type of lesson you offer?

We believe for the majority of players out there the best situation is a two player lesson. When you have two players in a lesson you raise the level of energy you keep a level of accountability for both players, and your present an opportunity to create some healthy competition amongst two friends, teammates, or Brothers. 

While individual baseball lessons are really great for any player and necessary to have from time to time, if you are able to have a friend or brother that is of similar ability, desire to improve, and focus, then you will be creating an excellent training environment for not only the players but also the dynamic between the players and the coach.

You can see our two player lesson packages here.


Are small group lessons a good option for my beginners/t-ballers?

Yes! It is excellent for young players to have a small tight knit group of boys to work with. It helps to create the element of competition which often times produces the most effort out of the players.

How many players can be in a small group lesson?

3 or 4 players. 4 players is best for both the players and the coach as having an even number allows for a smoother practice and saves money for each player!

Do I need to create the small group on my own?

Yes. If you would like to have a small group lesson, you must create the small group on your own and designate one person as the main point of contact.

All players in the group will be required to sign a liability waiver as well. 

Can I buy a package of small group Lessons?

Yes, we offer a 5 pack of small group lessons! For the best experience and results, is best to do some planning with your group and schedule all five lessons with your coach in advance. 

Can I change out the players in my small group if I bought a package?

Yes you may. If you’d like to do so, you must have any new member sign our waiver form here (include link to waiver).

If your player has not signed the waiver, they must do so, and can do so via mobile device, prior to joining in on the lesson. 

If you are updating the name of the players in the group, do so through the notes on your appointment day. This ensures the coach will be aware of each player that is in the lesson. 

Please make sure to take care of this as we never desire to have to tell a player they need to sit out of a lesson due to not having their form signed, but we will do so if needed due to liability. 

My son loves baseball but I don’t know anything about the game, should I get him private baseball lessons?

At MADE Baseball, we provide baseball lessons for players of all skills, ages, desired outcomes, and levels of focus. While lessons are an excellent way to help build the baseball skills as well as expose your youth player to positive mentorship from our MADE Baseball Coaches, we encourage you to really take some time to throw and hit and just play the game with your child, especially if they are just beginning. If you don’t know anything about the game it doesn’t really matter. If you help them cultivate a love for the game by simply being present and willing to go throw with him when they want to play catch or play baseball then they will be much more likely to create a positive foundation and get on the right track with their baseball journey. Not only that they will I love it playing catch with dad or mom.

What can I expect out of a normal baseball lesson with the MADE Baseball coach? 

In training with a Professional MADE Baseball Coach you can expect to have a great lesson every time you step on the field. No lesson is and every should be exactly the same. As coaches, it is our job to communicate with our players clearly and effectively and to cutlivate the motivation of our players to reach their peak potential, all while having a blast doing it! 

Every client/player we work with is different. There is no one size fits all when it comes to this game. We absolutely love working with serious players that have an innate desire to give it everything they've got every single lesson, but we understand as coaches that not every player has the same goals and desires, therefore we will always meet the player where they are on their journey and help them continue to develop their game and their character, on and off the field. 

Am I allowed to work with multiple coaches or do I just have to stay with one? 

You are welcomed and encouraged to work with any and/or all of the MADE Baseball Coaches that work for your location and schedule. You can easily and conveniently book any of our coaches with your lesson package based on what works for you.

We recommend working with at least 2-3 coaches throughout a season or year to help your player get multiple looks. It is always good to hear what different coaches have to teach and observe about your game.

Am I allowed to book my coach off of the MADE Baseball? 

No, in order to have a lesson with your coach, it must be booked through the MADE Baseball website. If your coach books a lesson with you outside of MADE Baseball, he will lose his position as a MADE Baseball coach as it is against his contract with MADE Baseball.

What if I didn't like the lesson with my coach? 

We guarantee that you will gain valuable insight and training from every lesson you have with MADE Baseball. 

In the event that you are unhappy with the lesson with your coach  for any reason, let us know and we will do one of the following:

  1. Provide a full refund for the lesson.
  2. Match you with another one of our coaches.

Our mission is to provide the best possible baseball coaching we can during every single lesson, and if you are unhappy with our methods or message, we will happily do what it takes to make the situation right.

Can I tell my coach what I want to work on with my player?

Of course. As a parent, you have a finger on the pulse of what your player needs to work on, or at least you may feel like you do. We will always listen to what you feel your player should work on and/or what you'd like them to focus on, and we will give our professional feedback on what we see from our evaluation. 

Baseball is dynamic and things change week by week. Don't forget that it is a process and is a challenging sport to stay consistent at for even the best players in the world!

Can I drop my player off at a lesson? 

In short, yes. We do not recommend dropping off your player every single time, but once your player and coach have established a good relationship with one another, it is perfectly fine.

If for some reason your coach can not allow you to leave during the lesson, he will let you know.

Does I need to provide a catcher for a pitching lesson?

No, but it is always better if you can, especially if you are 13 and up. Your coach is equipped to catch bullpens for most pitchers. The truth is most of us love to catch bullpens unless the pitcher throws hard and is still wild. 

We will always make the best decision relative to what is safest and best for the player during the pitching lesson. Sometimes we will use a bownet to throw into, and sometimes we will simply work on pitching mechanics standing up.

What if something happens to my coach? 

If your coach plays professional or college baseball, he may be gone for part of the year. In this case, if you purchased lessons and began to enjoy working with him, you can either wait until he returns to start lessons back up, or you can book another one of our coaches.

If I sign up for a package of lessons am I guaranteed the same timeslot with the same coach each week? 

No. Lesson slots are never guaranteed until you book them on our website. Once you have booked a lesson, it is yours. If you would like to ensure that you have weekly lesson slots at the same time, it is best to book lessons up to 90 days in advance.


We need to communicate with clients early on about what is ok to talk to a coach about, in order to mitigate clients thinking they can reach out directly to coaches and take their time. 

Lets make a clear list of things that are ok and not ok to reach out to their coach about. 

If they have other questions, they can always reach out to our front office.




Do you guys provide video analysis?

We do not currently provide video analysis as an additional service. Often times, your coach will send you videos or photos that were taken during a lesson. You are welcomed to discuss video analysis as a service privately with your coach.

What is the cancelation policy?

Canceling and/or rescheduling lessons must be done at least 24 hours in advance or will be charged at full price.

While we know life happens, canceling and rescheduling, especially as a regular occurrence, is discouraged. 

Can I talk to my coach before booking a lesson with him?

What age of players do you work with?

What types of baseball lessons do you provide?

Should I Contact the My Coach About My Lesson Reservation?

No. All scheduling can be done on line on your own, at your convenience. Each of our coaches is required to keep their availability accurate and up to date at all times. If you see a lesson slot available on a Coach’s calendar, it is yours to book.

Reservations are made on a first come first served basis. 

Your lesson slot is not guaranteed until you have paid and confirmed the booking.

If you have purchased a lesson package, you still need to schedule your lessons on your own. You can do so through the link you receive in your confirmation email.

Be sure to create a user account in order to keep track of your scheduled lessons and what is remaining on any of your lessons packages. Within your account you can also reschedule and cancel lessons as needed with just a click. *Cancelation Policy

If it is your first lesson with a coach on our staff, he will reach out to you via text within 24 hours of the booking to introduce himself and confirm the exact location of the meeting place at the Park you will have your lesson. 

If you ever have any issues with scheduling, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at 1-877-MADE-888

Can I talk to my coach first?

If you have questions about a specific coach, it is best to read thoroughly through their profile and understand their coaching location, availability and coaching experience. 

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to our front office at 1-877-MADE-888 or

Do I need to have gear for my player? 

Yes, for a proper lesson, your player needs to have at least a bat, glove, and cleats. 

What does my player need to wear for their lessons?

It is best if your player wears baseball pants, belt, and a hat.

Does the coach provide all of the training gear?

Yes. Your coach will have any and all of the necessary training aids such as baseballs, bownet, batting tee, and more.

Field Space:

We use public parks to provide our baseball lessons. In the event that your coach is not able to secure a field for the lesson, he will use a safe space in the outfield or surrounding grass. 

Live Batting Practice:

We can not guarantee that you/your player will always get live batting practice. We know that live BP is one of the best ways to get in quality reps, but there is always plenty of great work that can get done with a bownet, tee, wiffle balls, etc. 

Will my player get fungos hit to him at a lesson? 

We always do our best to provide the closest to live game action as possible when we are on the field. When field circumstances permit, we will hit fungoes to your player!

When your coach can safely provide live batting practice, he will do so. 

Safety is our priority:

As an organization who provides private baseball lessons to players of all ages and skill levels, our number 1 priority for both our players and coaches is always safety. 

Baseball is an inherently dangerous sport and can injure you badly if you do not take great care when playing it. 

Always listen to your coach and do as he instructs you when you are on the field.



Do you guys offer any promotions?

Yes! Join our newsletter to stay updated on all things MADE Baseball! We offer seasonal lesson package promotions as well as holiday camps, our MADE Shop, and more!



What is your vetting process for baseball coaches? How do I know they are competent to coach my player, as well as safe?

First, our coaches must fill out an extensive application to give us a good understanding of their baseball journey, playing experience, coaching experience, and ability to effectively communicate with players of all ages and skill levels. In this application they must provide two personal references who are contacted to verify the validity of what they claim on their application.

Next, once the application is reveiwed and accepted, we set up an in person interview with our coaches to learn more about them.

Once we have determined they are a good fit for our coaching staff, we require them to pass a MADE Baseball Coaching Certification test. 

Next, we do a full background check to ensure that they have a clean records and are fully safe to coach our players.

Next, we have each new coach sit in on three lessons to better understand our methods and have the opportunity to show what they can do as a coach in front of one of our coaching supervisors.

Finally, once a coach has proven that they have what it takes to provide the best quality baseball lessons to our clients, they join our staff and their profile page is created on our website.


Do you provide insurance?

Yes. All coaches on the MADE Baseball Coaching Staff are covered by a $1M insurance policy. Learn more.



What is the 100% satisfaction guarantee that you provide? 

We guarantee that you will gain valuable insight and training from every lesson you have with MADE Baseball. 

In the event that you are unhappy with the lesson with your coach  for any reason, let us know and we will do one of the following:

  1. Provide a full refund for the lesson.
  2. Match you with another one of our coaches.

What if I do not consent to your social media posting policy? 

Sometimes we make posts of our players lessons. In our terms and conditions, you agree to allowing us to make these posts. If for any reason you prefer we never take photos or make posts of anything with your player, just let us know and we will be happy to respect your wishes.

Conversely, if you would like to follow us on social media, click here to see all of our channels!



Are all of your coaches vaccinated?

We do not require proof of COVID vaccination for our coaches to be on staff. 

What policies do you take to help with COVID?

We require our coaches to use general common sense and avoid too much distance and minimize touching when doing any lessons. 


Can I see my coach’s availability before purchasing a package?

Yes. It is best to look at your coach's availablity prior to booking to make sure that their schedule lines up with what works for you.

NOTE: Ongoing availability is never guaranteed. 

Can my coach come give a lesson at my house? 

No, we do not offer in home lessons. If you would like to do a lesson with one of our coaches, you will need to meet him at his designated training location.

Can my coach meet me at my location?

No, if you would like to do a lesson with one of our coaches, you will need to meet him at his designated training location.



My player is always afraid of the ball… What can I do to help them overcome that fear and catch better?

This is a great question and something that our coaches are experts at helping players improve.

How do I know my players league age?

What size bat and/or glove should I get my son?

Is there private baseball coach near me?

What is the right time to start my player with private lessons?

What coach would you recommend for my player?



What are some of the fundamental elements that we teach and/or expect out of our players/families?

  1. Tuck your shirt in and tie your shoes. It is crucial to teach your young player, from the youngest age, to take ownership of their appearance and to be aware of it. DO NOT tuck in their shirt for them every time. Teach them to tuck in their shirt on their own. Same goes for tying their shoes. Take the time to teach your child how to tie their shoes properly and then set it as an expectation for them that it is THEIR JOB.
  2. "Yes, coach." We teach our players to respond with "Yes, Coach" rather than "Yeah", "Yep", "Uh-huh", "Sure"....when a youth player uses the words "Yes, coach" it creates a deeper level of consciousness and effect in their response. They must listen and be aware of how they respond in order to properly let their coach know that they are present and heard what they were instructed to do. 


        *Not only does this help for general accountability and listening practices, but it also serves a coach and a player when it come time to letting the player know what position they are playing. There is no need or place for negotiation when it comes to making a line-up. If your coach tells you to play a specific position, you simply respond with "Yes, Coach." and you hustle out to that position.


What makes a MADE Baseball Coach?

We are similar to male caddies but we’re a tad bit cuter and a lot more fun! We act as your personal concierge on the golf course, order your drinks and food from the cart girl, keep an eye on your ball, clean your clubs, drive the cart, fix divots and tend the pin.



Do you provide customer support?

Of course. If you have a scheduling question or would like to know more about a specific coach, feel free to call us at 1-877-MADE-888, or email us at and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

You can also check out our support page to answer any other questions you may have.



Add to the bottom of the lesson emails: 

  • Upcoming camps call out 
  • CageList call out
  • MADE shop callout
  • Recommended gear callout
  • FAQs callout
  • Refer a friend callout
  • Leave a review callout
  • See our other coaches callout

Add to the bottom of the camps emails: 

  • Get private lessons from our coaches!


Are your coaches all vaccinated?


What is your pricing?

How do I book lessons with a private baseball coach?

How old should I start my son with private baseball lessons?

How many lessons should I have my player do each week?


What is your cancelation policy?

I need to reschedule my lesson, what do I do?

What if it rains and my lesson is canceled?


Do you have insurance?


Do you offer any promotions?


What is your hiring process for your coaches?

Can I add a player to my lesson?

Do you have an app I can download?

What are your prices?

What type of players do you work with?

What types of lessons do you offer?

What type of lesson is the best for my player?


What is Hustle Ball?


When do you run your baseball camps?