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"The MADE Mission is to make a positive impact on the world through the game of baseball by providing meaningful mentorship and baseball coaching to players of all ages and skill levels, and helping them cultivate their love for the game by developing both the mental and physical skills necessary to be the best they can be, on and off the field."

We believe that baseball is an amazing game that greatly impacts our world in more ways than we give it credit. 

It teaches us about character, resilience, craftsmanship, intelligence, resourcefulness, teamwork, strategy, work ethic, practice, and so much more. Not mention, it is the funnest and most timeless game in the world and it deeply connects so many of us who love it.

One size does NOT fit all in baseball...

While our underlying mission remains the same at the core, we tailor our approach differently to suit the needs of the individual player(s) that we work with based on their age, skill level, passion, and goals. 

Our baseball coaches are professionals at understanding what a player needs relative to where they are in their path.

Some players are able to move fast, while others take more time, and that is ok. The outlined curriculums listed below were created based on years of experience, researching, and testing. The pace of the lessons are always determined by the relative abilities of the player. 

In general, our approach as coaches is to always work to challenge our players to work hard and improve their game while keeping lessons fun and motivating.

See the way we classify the different levels of player that we work with below to get a better idea of what you/your player will learn when working with MADE Baseball:

  • Complete Beginner
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate/Committed
  • Advanced/Committed
  • College/Professional
  • Adult

A note from Coach Isaac Hess, the founder of MADE Baseball...

"What’s up, champions?! Welcome to MADE Baseball! My name is Coach Isaac Hess and I’ve been coaching the game of baseball professionally for over 15 years. Thanks for your interest our baseball training program and curriculum. You’re going to love it, you’re going to learn a lot, and you’re going to #GetMADE.

As a full time professional baseball coach for over 15 years, I deeply understand all aspects of the game of baseball, and I can teach you or your player the techniques and proper fundamentals of pitching, hitting, catching, fielding, and base running. I also focus on teaching my players how to create championship mindsets and routines. I work with players ranging from age 5 all the way up to professionals and everywhere in between. I also work with softball players as well. If you want to get better and do what it takes to improve, I want to help you.

I built the MADE Baseball philosophy and brand in order to express my fundamental approach to the game that I had as a player and now as a coach. This motivational mantra reminds us of the fact that Everyday counts, and it trains us to do what it takes to be champions, mentally, physically, and spiritually, through out the process of life.

I appreciate your interest in the MADE Baseball Training Program and Curriculum, and I look forward to working with you. If you’d like to schedule a lesson, click the button below and register today!"


-Coach Isaac Hess